HOW DO I GET STARTED and get my first bootcamp free?



Why is it called Gym41?
Trainer Tully has had several numbers throughout her playing career - 4, 44, 5 (in the Beijing Olympics) and finally 41.  She finished her career sporting #41 for the last 8 years so we thought we should continue on with such a lucky number!  Welcome to Gym41!

What should I bring?
We have all the equipment you will need, but some things to consider bringing are:

*Bottled water*     *Towel*     *Workout gloves*


Do you have showers?
We have restrooms you can use to change in, but we do not have showers.  

Are Gym41 Bootcamps for me?
If you are at least 14 years old(Younger kids can come to Family Bootcamps), have the want and desire to get fit and have fun while doing it and have no medical restrictions preventing you from participating in regular exercise then Gym41 Bootcamps are for you! 
We cater to all abilities, ages (14+) and fitness levels!  

What are Family Bootcamps?
Anyone over 7+ can attend this class!  The only real difference in this class is that kids are allowed :)  The kids won't get on weight machines and lift heavy things - that doesn't mean the adults won't be doing those things while the kids do another workout!

What is Cardio Boxing?
Cardio Boxing is just how it sounds... lots of cardio and lots of boxing!  We also throw in a large amount of core!  Prepare to sweat a lot and get a lot of frustration out during this favorite!  ***BOXING GLOVES REQUIRED***

Do I need reservations?
NOPE!  But once you create an account you are more than welcome to sign-in in advance!

Do my sessions expire?
Your sessions expire 3 months after the purchase date. 

What should I expect during bootcamp?
That is a great question - but our answer is, who knows?!  We strive to make every bootcamp different than the last!  Our goal is to put the fun back in fitness and to keep a bit of mystery in what you will face each bootcamp!  Expect to climb, crawl, jump, hop, throw, flip, pull, hurdle and HAVE FUN!  Tully and Lindsay will find alternative exercises to suit your needs if you are unable to do certain activities!

Where is Gym41 Boot camp located?
5315 W 86th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

Have another question? 

Contact us at:

lindsay@gym41.com  or call 317.508.5625