Action Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
     Bootcamp Instructor

Sports Conditioning Coach

We are welcoming our newest trainer to the Gym41 Team!

Trainer Stephanie


Stephanie Metrick received her personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise in the spring of 2018.   She is excited to embark on her new career at Gym41, where she has been a member since their opening in 2011.  She’s a member of the “250 club” and has successfully completed both the LT2.4 and LT365 fitness programs.  She answers to the names “Steph”, “Metrick”, “Gazelle”, and “Hey Mommy!!” 

Stephanie has lived in Indianapolis with her husband Mike for over 20 years.  They have three kids: two at Pike High School and one at Eagle Creek Elementary.  While never considering herself an athlete, she has always had an interest in fitness.  Over the years she has attended more fitness classes than she can count, and done every home workout known to mankind.  She has gained the weight, then lost the weight, only to gain it back, then lose it again.  She understands the daily struggle to eat right and make oneself a priority, because real-life always gets in the way.  Rushing kids to and from school and all their activities, with a spouse that works long hours, makes eating healthy difficult.  The temptation to snack (especially late at night!) is all too easy when the stress is piling up. 

By late 2016, Stephanie realized that she could no longer stop putting everyone else's needs above her own health and well-being.  Doing that had landed her thirty pounds overweight, tired, and depressed.  She used the LT2.4 program in 2017 to jump start a change.  Since then, she has transformed not only her body, but her mindset, by following a few simple rules she has tried to follow every day.
    1) Make yourself a priority.  
    2) Forget the shortcut; just do it right the first time. 
    3) Don’t do anything alone; surround yourself with people who love and support you. 
    4) Have fun, laugh, and keep moving forward.  

The daily struggle is still real and will never go away; Steph still loves snacking, carbs, sweets, fats, her couch, and alcohol.  However, consciously keeping those rules in the forefront of her mind and following them more times than not has brought her to where she is today: The strongest and healthiest she has ever been, and ready to help others become the same. 




Action Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
     Bootcamp Instructor
     Youth Basketball Coach and Instructor
  10+ years of experience as coach & trainer

LT2.4 & LT365 Programs



Action Certified Personal Trainer
 CPR/AED Certified 
Bootcamp Instructor
Speed & Agility Coach
Indiana Fever Player Development Coach

​LT2.4 & LT365 Programs

20+ Years experience as a professional athlete 

2008 Olympic Silver Medalist - Beijing 2006

World Champion – Brazil

2004 WNBA Champion6 Time All-Defensive Team – WNBA

Kim Perrot Sportsmanship Award

2 time WNBL Champion

Played in the WNBA for 14 years